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We at Global Leadership Development, LLC are academically and experientially prepared to support your personal and organizational leadership development goals. We focus on three areas: 

Personal Development

At the individual level, we provide coaching and mentoring aimed at supporting individuals to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. 
This includes coaching and mentoring activities aimed at walking alongside you to help you achieve your career and life goals. These goals include but are not limited to: career transitions and advancement, articulating your life purpose, finding work/life balance, relationship coaching, and spiritual coaching.


Leadership Training– at the organizational level, we design appropriate leadership development activities to meet the needs of the team, unit or entire organization. We work with non-profit, educational, religious and business organizations.


Global Leadership Development

we design activities aimed at developing the intercultural and global leadership competencies of individuals and teams in organizations. Dr Faith is a certified Facilitator for the Global Mindset Inventory® a product of the Nafaji Global Mindset Institute at Thunderbird, Arizona. The GMI is an assessment tool that gauges individual and team/group levels of three global mindset competencies: intellectual, social and psychological capital. After the assessment, Dr Faith facilitates a workshop to process the scores, including what the scores indicate about individuals and group capabilities and how to enhance the low-scoring competencies. 

We also use other assessments and instruments aimed at assessing emotional intelligence and cultural competency, and craft appropriate training and development activities to enhance these critical areas of culturally relevant leadership.

Women's Leadership Development

Many business, non profit and government organizations recognize the need to ensure women are represented in all levels of leadership. Our role is to conduct trainings, serve as executive coaches, and provide development activities to prepare emerging and support existing women who serve in a global context. Our research on women's leadership, and expertise within the field enables us to work individually and with groups of women to enhance their global leadership skill set.

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